Scarecrow & Rustling Leaves Fold Over Pouches

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Scarecrow & Rustling Leaves Fold Over Pouches

The Tale of the Scarecrow:

The trees are turning orange on Grandpa’s farm. The kids play hide and seek in the barn, but when day turns to dark, they’re told to come inside. The children listen, fearing the dark and the scarecrow that reigns over the dead field on the west side of the farm. The children notice something is different today…. He is different today. The scarecrow is on the east side of the farm, blocking the path between the children and the house. The children feel a shiver run down their spine and sprint home…

Rustling Leaves:

You remember back to the days walking home from school. Your converse strike the pavement as you stroll through the familiar neighborhood. Leaves swirl at your feet and they crunch beneath your soles. The cool fall air hits your face.. you quicken your pace. They say to not be outside after dark.

Exterior: cotton fabric (each fabric will vary slightly due to how it was cut)
Interior is lined with MICROFIBER that will keep all your precious EDC valuable safe
*reinforcement panel between the layers in these ones
*all materials have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk