What is a hank?
Hanks are the modern term for the old-school hankerchief except hanks aren't really for blowing your nose anymore (but you still can). 
Our hanks have a variety of uses: the microfiber backing we use on all our hanks is lens grade (300 GSM) meaning you can safely use it to clean off your glasses, computer screens, phones, etc. Hanks also make great coasters for drinks, backdrops for your IG photos, and can act as a protectant. Fold up a hank inside a pouch and keep your metal items from scratching against one another. You can also wrap an item up in your pocket in a hank and know it will stay safe. Check out our reel we made on this on IG.

Can I wash my hanks?

Yes, we recommend you hand wash your hanks in cold water. You can machine wash on gentle as well. We recommend air drying your hanks.

What is a ranger eye/patch?
Ranger eyes (REs) and patches often get used interchangably within the EDC community but they differ based on size. They can be made out of PVC or embroidered and have velcro backing on them (called the hook) that can attach to velcro on a pouch, backpack, etc (called the loop).

What is your return policy?
We don't have any formal return policy but if there is something you feel is off or you are not happy with us, please feel free to reach out to us and we will try to make it right.