About us

So, what's with your name, No Manners? 

No Manners EDC was started by myself and my partner but has expanded to include a couple other members of my family! We originally came up with the name No Manners because we joke around and can be crass at times, all for a good laugh or when we are playing a board game. The second inspiration behind No Manners is our dog, Mazer, who is such a good boy but oh does he lack his manners sometimes! He occasionally likes to steal the pouches we make and strut around the house with a hank in his mouth!

No Manners Manners Club

We want this space to be more than just a place you can get hanks, pouches, etc. I truly want this to feel like a safe space for you all and a place where you can come to chat, geek out over stuff, and make some online friends!
This ultimately is going to be up to y’all with what we make of it.

Links and where to find us: 
Facebook Group
[email protected]