Bigfoot Sighting Patch + Ch. 2 Midnight Coin

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Bigfoot Sighting Patch + Ch. 2 Midnight Coin

"As NMEDC and Treasure Now set up camp for a weekend getaway, they begin to hear some strange noises coming from the trees surrounding their campsite..."

We are stoked to bring you guys this collab between No Manners EDC and Treasure Now. Both of us are passionate about the outdoors, camping, and the memories we make with friends and family while doing so. We also love a good mystery and "the unknown," hence we had to add everyone's favorite cryptid! (okay, maybe not everyone's but you gotta love this big hairy dude). We crafted this patch/coin combo with all of this in mind and hope you all dig it as much as we do! This will be the LAST coin that Treasure Now releases EVER! Both this coin and patch will only be sold together during this run.

Coin Specs:
-Chapter 2 "Midnight" V2
-Each side of coin is unique (see pictures)
-Size 1.75" in diameter
-Antique silver finish (base material is zinc)

Patch Specs:
-Made of PVC rubber with velcro backing
-Size 2" x 1.3"
-White area is glow in the dark

Limited to 50 pieces (no extras). These will not be sold again.

Each order contains 1 coin and 1 patch + ID card(s)